Jones legacy is that of a cultural icon. Few have defined the underground and alternative music scenes in the post-punk world in the way that Jones has. She has inspired everything from the undefinable music of the Gorillaz and Massive Attack to pop-singers like Lady Gaga and Rihanna. After assisting to a live act of her last summer, our designer - Carin Wester - took a closer look at her career.

Grace Jones was born in Jamaica in 1948, but it was in New York Jones truly grew up to be the icon we know her as.
Her unique and androgynous appearance granted her early success in the world of modelling, first in New York in the 1960s and later in Paris in the early 70s. Jones ventured into music in 1977 would go on to become one the defining figures of the disco scene of the late 1970s. With her 1980 album Warm Leatherette she broke with her disco past to become one of the leading artists in the new wave scene.
Alongside her legendary status in the world of fashion and music, Jones saw a breakthrough in acting with roles in cult-films like Conan the Destroyer and James Bond: A view to Kill, in the 1980s.

For this photograph her body has been painted by the New York graffiti artist, Keith Haring (1958-1990) with his characteristic pictograms and decorations. She is also wearing an exotic headdress and a conical wire bra, so that she looks like a voodoo doll or an aboriginal dancer.

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