The voodoo became the main theme of the collection in addition to Grace Jones tribal live acts and Rothko´s abstract artworks.

The figures of the Voodoo celebration rituals inspired the main print of the collection, as you can see here.

The form of the voodoo doll as it is most commonly understood is based on a magical practice that historically derived from Europe rather than Africa or the Americas. Textual records attest to the fact that certain cunning folk in Britain made dolls of a witch out of rags and other materials and then pierced them with pins with the intention of inflicting physical harm on the witch and breaking their bewitchment. (source: Wikipedia).

The following pictures are taken from a report by Italian photographer Anthony Pappone during a trip in Benin.

Expressed through the different seasonal graphics, you can find the voodoo doll as embroidery on T-shirts and as a removable pin´s on the 3 buttons coat. On other tees, the voodoo wizard pocket print and the voodoo figure front print mark a strong reference to the theme.