The anchor of the fall collection is the use of red in combination with black. It comes from the work of abstract artist Mark Rothko.

Mark Rothko was arguably one of the superlative artists of his generation and of the so-called New York School, which emerged out of the 1940s.
Although set on not aligning himself within any artistic movement or practice, he is regarded one of the greats of abstract expressionism.
Rothko’s work is known for its deep dedication to experimenting with color and simple yet non-geometric figures and shapes. His adhering devotion to color was even dramatized in the play “RED” starring Alfred Molina and Oscar-winner Eddy
The moving, earthy color-pallet of Rothko’s work played an integral part in WeSC creative director and head-designer Carin Wester´s creative process on the Fall/Winter '18 collection.

Copyrights: Mark Rothko: Seagram Murals. All works National Gallery of Art, Washington, Gift of The Mark Rothko Foundation, Inc., Photo by Rob Shelley.